Learning and Teaching

One of the best parts of working on projects at different stages in their development means that the challenges and opportunities are varied and unique. I had the opportunity to provide a UX critique on an already existing product in order to stimulate discussion around ways in which the product could be further refined. For this I held a small workshop where I allowed the stakeholders to take a critical tour of their product in order to better understand it through the eyes of the users.

I re-colored elements of the application and restyled it to make it look different. I wanted them to feel as lost as a new user would be when they first encounter the product. I then had them provide me with reactions and insights based on what they were seeing/experiencing. This was eye opening for both them and me as we were both able to create new pain points and gain better understandings of use cases.

We then cumulatively sat down to brain storm ideas, where I explained basic UX concepts to them and guided them through current best practices in order to justify solutions.

Overall the session proved to be extremely helpful to them in order to better understand how to move forward, as well as to me to better understand how to actively engage and maintain stakeholder interest and buy-in.

Delivering Design