After having worked on several banking products over the last year I thought I would finally be tasked with something new in a different realm. I guess karma has a way of always bringing you back to where new learnings can still be made and I was tasked with a new platform design for a back office banking product. The biggest challenge here was to get users to understand the interaction of several different elements that existed in their own vacuums. With a short creation cycle (10 days!) it was a design challenge that had to be addressed with an almost guerrilla approach.

There was no time for testing or preliminary research, however SME's were available to provide any context on use. As a designer this meant having to work based on a lot of assumptions that could only be validated indirectly. To solve for this, daily iterations were made for each element and validated frequently to ensure that all use cases were met as well as overall usability.

Connecting so many disparate elements would require the need to create a harmonized dashboard of sorts that provided a summary of each element that would allow the user at a glance to have an understanding of what was going on before delving deeper into each element.

Thankfully this approach allowed us to create a demo that was well received and served as a preliminary foundation for more work to be done when developing the final product.

Learning and Teaching