—  An attempt to rework the Tumblr app

The purpose of this app critique was to show how simple UI visual changes would allow for a renewed app experience that would bring value to exisitng features as well as allow users to further appreciate their experience with the product as a whole.



A feature I think the app would benefit from is a microinteraction to ensure that users are engaging with all features in the screen. Certain current features remain unused due to an overall lack of interest in them and introducing a new type of interaction would reintroduce users to their purpose and possibly increase engagement.


Tool Drawers

The current app is very feature heavy with most tools populating the screen an detracting from the overall experience - scrolling through an endless stream of pictures and videos. To remedy this, tool drawers could be used to house necessary features, with a few simple icons placed on the screen to allow access to these. The increased screen real estate would allow for a more immersive experience for the user.


Notifications and MetaData

One of the features I think that could use more work in the app is the notification feature.I would rarely know that there is activity or a message on my account when i was scrolling through the app.These notifications are all housed in a drawer accessed by a non responsive icon. In app notification is a necessity with our constant need to monitor activity and interaction in order to further enhance our app experience. Creating a responsive icon indicating updates would bring value to the activity feed and messaging feature.

Metadata is currently displayed openly in a modal feature that takes up an uneccessary amount of screen real estate. Creating a simple icon menu to access this data would further develop a greater experience by ridding the screen of clutter.