— From an idea to a development ready prototype, this is a look at VIRGIL - an app designed for travel


Come on, lets go

The idea behind developing a new app experience for a layover stemmed from a 8 hour wait in an airport I knew nothing about with services I was completely unfamiliar with.

This lead to me quickly jotting down observations of peoples behaviors with the services around, the facilities provided and the way they were managing their time.

Upon return from my journey I set about creating VIRGIL .

Who is coming with us?

I set about by asking myself several questions about my experience. Why was I frustrated with having to wait? What would i have done had I known more about where I was?

Questioning in this manner lead me to some key insights about myself, but this was not reflective of the general traveling public. I needed to know more.

I set about talking to frequent travelers at the airport terminal each time I was there. Friend and colleagues were also queried via a surveymonkey to find out more about the behaviors of frequent and casual travelers.

The results generated from this brief investigation allowed me to come up with personas for my journey and a map to match.

I now knew who would be coming along with me.

What will we wear?

The next challenge after coming up with some basic user flows and colorless wireframes from my personas and journey map was to figure out what would make this app appealing.

I created a detailed feature list that I then sorted into vital features against nice-to haves. Picking and choosing between these allowed me to really hone in on what would make my app unique and enticing to users from a functional standpoint.

But how would I stand out on the app store?

This lead to an investigation into style and visuals. I really wanted the app to look sophisticated and relevant but also reassuring. This was a tough challenge. Picking color palettes that seemed too professional was off putting while picking palettes that were fun made the app seem childish and frivolous. Narrowing down on a scheme and typography that would work came from a look at travel magazines and lifestyle publications. This was the look of my audience.

You have now arrived

After another round of testing using an InVision prototype with high fidelity mockups of a basic checkout flow, I fine tuned a final build of my concept. The result was a possible answer to long waits that met the travelers needs while providing them with a new way to access information, context and more while alleviating the unnecessary stress of having to wait in a space.